Mid Year Check in and Reflections

by rejoice.journey@gmail.com-

Hey guys! 

So I realize that the title of this post is called “Mid-Year” Check In and we’re now entering the middle of August… butttt you know what? I actually think that now is the perfect time to do some reflecting since summer’s winding down, school’s starting back up, and the last 4 months are about to roll in. (Is it just me or do September – December months always go by QUICK?!)

I definitely want you guys to feel successful in these last few months! That’s why I think it’s so important to check in with ourselves and revisit the goals we made at the start of the year so that we can figure out what we want/need to do  in order to end our year on a strong note! 

With that said, I’ve listed 5 simple mid year review questions (courtesy of MuchelleB and Lisa Jacobs) to help you reflect, get back on track with your goals, and motivate you to kick ass these last few months! 


1.) What feels good about the first half of the year?

2.) Revisit the goals that you set at the start of the year. What have you accomplished? What would you still like to accomplish?

3.) What do you want to CONTINUE / START / STOP doing?

4.) What do you want the rest of your year to feel like? What would you like to see take shape?

5.) What can you do to make this visualization come true?

I hope you take these questions and use them as fuel to make the most out of these last 4 (ahhh!) months of the year!


If you’re interested in my own self reflections to these questions, feel free to keep reading!


1.) What feels good about the first half of the year?

One thing that felt good was FINALLY starting this blog and instagram! It’s been on my heart for a long time now to start a blog, and this year I finally gathered the courage to create my own tiny yet cozy corner in this huge internet universe. 

The amount of traveling that I’ve been able to do in the first half of the year has also felt absolutely glorious. [Florida, Hawaii, Washington D.C., New York, and L.A.!] All the glory to God for going above and beyond to make my dreams come true. 

I also can’t forget how incredibly freeing it felt to finally quit my old job that made me so miserable. Through a series of God orchestrated events, I was led to my current job which I love and which also allowed me to RECLAIM MY TIME. It’s the reason I was able to travel as often as I did this year, and spend more time doing things I enjoy. 

2.) Revisit the goals you set at the start of the year. How have they have gone?

My goal this year was to show up & share my gifts, and I wanted to do this in the form of a blog. & GIRL, I DID IT! You is on it right now!!! Have I posted as frequently as I wanted to? Nah. But I’m proud of myself for getting this far, and I’m working on getting better at posting more consistently. 

3.) What do you want to CONTINUE / START / STOP doing?

I want to continue:

  • Healing + showing up & simply trying.
  • Waking up early
  • Daily Brain Dumps


  • Posting more consistently on this blog / instagram
  • Connecting more and being apart of a community


Lurking… LOL. Because let’s be real, lurking always leads to lowkey (ummm high key) hurt feelings. And I’m so over that. I’m getting A LOT better at this. 1 week strong, guys!!! Haha.

Also! I’d really like to stop ending my night by mindlessly scrolling through my phone until I’m tired. Instead, I want to create a calming night routine that helps me ease into sleep. I want to set the mood (soft music + diffuse lavender) and end my days with either a book / brain dump / or writing in my gratitude journal.

4.) How do you want the rest of your year to feel/look like? 

I want the rest of my year to feel full of joy. Joy in the form of family, friends, celebrations, football parties (Go Hawks!), weekend shenanigans – really anything that brings out laughter, and brings me closer to the people I care about. 

I’d also like to feel more connected and consistent in all areas of my life. Specifically,

  • More connected to my church community AND my followers too! 🙂
  • More consistent in spending quiet time with God and posting blogs + pictures on instagram!

And on a serious note, more than anything, all I really want is the rest of my year to feel… light & freeing. I want to be free from the heaviness that I insist on carrying around. I want to be free of any left over hurt and traces of regret, pain, bitterness, or resentment in my heart.

5.) What can you do to make this visualization come true?

  • Take the plunge and actually sign up for a small group + get plugged in!
  • Interact more with my followers on their posts! 🙂 
  • Set aside specific days & times to brainstorm and write. Plan in advance when and what I’m going to post!


Phew! Feelin’ pretty good, guys. I’m ready for these next few months!

All my love,




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