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How to Reset Your Life


Hi Friends!

Happy Monday! I hope you are all having a great start to your week.

I can honestly say that I’m starting this week off feeling pretty refreshed, and I think a huge part of it is because I took the time to reset, recenter & recharge over the weekend. I decided it was finally time to get my life back together seeing as I never really got a chance to recover from all of the New Year festivities. This weekend, I ran through my checklist of things I usually do to help me realign myself and get things back in order.

If you’ve started the year feeling overwhelmed, or if you’ve had a tough week and need to hit reset, keep reading to find out some of my ideas to help you bounce back 🙂

1. Clean Your Space

I’m a firm believer that our external environment is a direct reflection of our inner state. When I feel overwhelmed, disorganized, or disconnected there’s a good chance that the spaces I spend time in are equally disorganized and cluttered.

If you are in need of a life reset, the first thing you can tackle is the space you spend the most time in. Tidy up your desk or counters, put things back where they belong, free up that “chair” you’ve been using to pile your clothes on. A clean space = a clear mind. I know that once I’ve cleaned up my space, I immediately feel lighter and more refreshed.

2. Mental Declutter

Once your space is clean and organized, take some time to do a mental declutter. Sometimes we move through our days on autopilot, and we carry around all these thoughts in our head without ever taking the time to release or process through them. Find time to sit down and write out all of your thoughts. Brain dump whatever it is you’ve been holding in. Similar to the feeling of clearing up our physical space, clearing up our mental space can instantly shift our moods so that we feel lighter and more free. Sometimes we don’t realize how much weight our thoughts hold until we finally find a place to set them down. I know that whenever I finish brain dumping in my journal, I feel a huge sense of relief. Try it!

3. Practice gratitude

After you’ve drained your brain of all that was in there, it is time to fill it back up with good things. Take the time to think of three things you are thankful for. Now think of one moment that happened recently that really made your day. Replay that moment in your mind and bask in it. Smile. Let it fill you up. Remind yourself that however stressful or chaotic life may be, there are still good things happening all around you.

4. Check Off Old Things on Your To Do List

Time to get moving! You know all those things you’ve been meaning to do but never got around to doing them? It’s your lucky day, my friend. It is time to check them off your to-do-list! The simple and manageable ones at least. So schedule that appointment, send that email, and return that item you’ve been meaning to return. In this way, you are getting rid of old energy to make room for the new. As a bonus, you gain a sense of accomplishment after finally completing things you’ve been putting off for so long!

5. Freshen Up & Pamper Yourself

It’s finally time to relax. I mean, checking off all those things on your to do list was hard work, right? You deserve some down time. The last thing I like to do to gain a sense of control over my life is to freshen up & pamper myself. Take a nice long hot shower. Shave and exfoliate! Put a face mask on. Remove your chipped nail polish and repaint your nails with a fresh coat of polish that makes you feel pretty. I also use this time to pluck my eyebrows and wax my mustache LOL. Similar to my environment being a direct reflection of my inner state, you can usually tell how my life is going based on how many strays hairs there are around my eyebrows and upper lip LOL.

Some of these suggestions may sound superficial or unnecessary to you which is totally fine! Pick or do whatever resonates with you. The most important thing is doing what makes you feel most comfortable, relaxed, and good about yourself. So whatever that looks like for you, do it! All I know is that when I feel more put together, my life feels just a tiny bit more put together too.


Clean room, clear mind, a freshly pampered body, and the sense of accomplishment you got from finally checking off old items on your to do list – Ahhh… if these things combined do not make you feel at least a little better than you did before, I don’t know what will. For me, when I schedule a day (or weekend) to reset and run through this list of suggestions to get back on track, I definitely feel a renewed sense of motivation to take on the week ahead of me.

Let me know if you try out any suggestions on this list! I would also love to hear about some of the things you like to do to reset your life and get back on track 🙂

As always, I’ll see you in my next post!

All my love,



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